Microwave Digestion






India Lab Expo

September 14th - 16st

10:00 – 18:00 GST


analytica Anacon India and India Lab Expo – Trade Fair for Laboratory Technology, Analysis, Biotechnology and Diagnostics

ArabLab 2023

September 19th - 21st

10:00 – 18:00 GST

Dubai - UAE

ARABLAB is a reputed Middle-East exhibition where the world of science & innovation converges. Every year it promises to showcase the latest technology, provide solutions and create knowledge for the analytical industry.

Comprehensive GPC Portfolio - A practical approach for determining polymer molecular weight, size, and shape

September 13th

15:30 – 17:00 GST


Key learnings:

 • Difference between conventional and advanced GPC
• Theory and working principle of advanced GPC detector- Viscometer and light scattering
• Why and when do we use high-temperature GPC
• Agilent Portfolio for GPC applications


17 August, 2023

The HG MINI is able to generate up to 300 cc/min of Hydrogen with purity better than 99.999% and pressure up to 12 bar (174 psi). The HG MINI includes a cell with polymeric membrane (PEM) using distilled water. No acid or alkaline solutions are involved.

10 August, 2023

Phthalates, derived from Phthalic acid, are widely employed as plasticizers in children’s toys and electronics, but their pervasive release into the environment poses lasting health risks. This led to their classification as irreversible pollutants, prompting their inclusion in the Restriction of Hazardous Substances (RoHS) compliance.

9 August, 2023

Trace Elemental Instruments (TE) offers comprehensive solutions for nitrogen determination in heavier petroleum fraction.

7 August, 2023

Explore the advance colorimetric automation of parameters with multiple in line sample pre-treatment possibilities across a wide range of environmental and industrial applications. 

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